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With over 100 episodes published, some of them share the great stories from Scottish Clan history, others are more academic in nature, as well as episodes that highlight individual clans.

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Lay a solid foundation of scholarly knowledge about the Scottish clans in a fraction of the time and cost it takes to attend a college course.  

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This is still a work in progress but there are some finished products on the channel that add visual aids to the audio content from the podcast.  Other ‘videos’ are automatically published podcast episodes, straight from Podbean to YouTube.  

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For a small contribution you can contribute to the research and publication of increasingly more content on the Scottish clans.

Speaking Opportunities

Would you and your group like me to teach on the Scottish clans in person?  I’ve been a professional teacher at high school and college levels for over a decade and love to help students understand things that I’m passionate about.  

Free Resources

Here are a variety of free products that will be helpful for the study of the Scottish Clans.  Here you will find written resources and visual aids, such as maps.


I’m often asked about what sources I recommend for those wishing to explore the history of the Scottish Clans.  Here are some sources that I think would provide a great place to start.  

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