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Somerled’s Clans

Click here to get a free pdf that shows Somerleds descendants, focusing on the clans that came through his lineage.  This will show you how clans like the MacDonnell of Dunyvaig and the Glens, MacAlister of the Loup, MacDougall, and MacIain of Ardnamurchan fit into the tree.

My Master’s Thesis

This is the whole copy of my Thesis I did on a comparison and contrast of the Highland and Border clans in the realm of warfare, between c. 1300 and c. 1600.  

The 1587 “Roll of the Clans”

Use this act of parliament to get a sample of the clans the Scottish government viewed as actual clans, both in the Highlands and Borers, as well as those clans that were viewed more loyal to their chief than to their feudal superiors (if they were different people).  The pdf format allows you to highlight parts you feel are important as well as add notes.

General Wade’s 1724 Report on the Highlands

Another great contemporary source, Wade’s report gives the strength of various Highland clans in terms of fighting men.  Once again, the pdf format offers highlighting and not taking capabilities.  Which clans do you see on the list and which clans are conspicuously absent from it?

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