Here's Your Copy of General Wade's Report on the Highlands

I hope you enjoy this document.  General Wade's report on the Highlands is a fascinating contemporary account of the world of the Highland clans during the first half of the 18th century.  He provides interesting details about the clans, such as their loyalties during the Jacobite uprisings and their fighting strength.  

Look at his lists.  Who was loyal to the Hanoverian dynasty and who was loyal to the Stewarts?  How many fighting men could each clan bring to bear?  Which clans made the list and which didn't?  Why are some clans missing from the list?  What was behind each chief's decision to choose their respective sides?  Was each clan united in who they chose to support?  In addition to being a great source for contemporary information about this time and place, it's a great jumping off point for further study.

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